Unofficial steam platform pve cluster - est. january 2020
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Woodlands ARK Steam Server List

Here you will find a complete list of every Steam server for Woodlands ARK. Owned by KC, and Co-Founded by Serin in January of 2018 our community has been growing and running strong for a long time. Where most ARK clusters fail, Woodlands ARK prevails. We strive on making sure that our servers never go down, so our community never has to worry about their favorite server disappearing and all of the hard work they put in vanishing.

No Server Wipes

Running a PVE cluster, we do our best to make sure that we never have to wipe a server so that our community suffers major loss. In over a year, with 108 servers, we have only had to wipe a server in our cluster twice. This is why we have strict cluster rules.

Longest Running Cluster

Did your last cluster vanish? Owner shut down because he got bored or broke? Woodlands ARK is one of the longest running ARK clusters still alive and kicking. Funded by our community, we ensure that all servers stay fully paid up in advance.

Large & Loyal Community

It has been a long road, and quite a journey to get to where we are today. With a huge community of friendly and helpful players, we are one of if not the biggest PVE cluster you will find on Steam for ARK: Survival Evolved. Come see why!

Public Cluster Statistics

Woodlands ARK Steam Servers

Below is our current list of servers on our Steam Platform.

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VIP Cluster Statistics

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Questions About Our Servers?

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Use the form below to directly email the owners of the cluster to ask any questions you may have about our current server roster. We try to answer all emails within 24-48 hours.

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