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Why We Have Cluster Rules

Woodlands ARK has a strict set of rules that we expect all players to abide by. These rules are in place to keep the cluster healthy and enjoyable for the entire community. If you want to make sure you are always safe from rule enforcement, fully read and follow the rules.

Admin Governed Servers

We enforce a strict set of rules on our cluster, to make the Woodlands ARK experience better for the entire community. Some may see these rules as unnecessary, however these rules help to keep our cluster healthy, and an enjoyable place to play ARK.

Strictly Enforced Rules

Failure to follow the rules set forth on Woodlands ARK can result in any of the following actions including: warning, kicked, banned, jailed, dino wipe, or tribe wipe in some extreme circumstances. All rules are strictly enforced by our team of admins.

Creating a Better Experience

Here at Woodlands ARK, we are committed to creating a better ARK gaming experience. We do this by enforcing rules that keep our cluster healthy and ensure that there is not a need to wipe servers and have players suffer major losses like other clusters.

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Cluster Rules & Code of Conduct

Below is a list of all of the Rules that are enforced across all Woodland servers. Please make sure to read the following rules in their entirety to make sure you are safe from any consequences that could arise from failing to follow them. To see a full list of rules enforced across the cluster, visit the cluster-rules channel in our discord.

Structure Rules

ONE (1) Main land base and ONE (1) Main water pen base is allowed on each server per tribe. Meaning your tribe can have TWO (2) Structures per server in our cluster. If you build a trap structure, you must demolish it when completed. If you do not demolish it, your entire tribe structures could result in being wiped for not following the rules.


Do not build near or block, any Artifacts, Artifact Cave Entrances, Survivor Notes, Obelisks, Mission terminals, or anything that would cause a player to be unable to actually play the game correctly. This includes blocking spawns for dinos such as Ice Wyverns, or spawns for other necessary resources needed to harvest to play the game correctly.

mass breeding situations

We absolutely DO NOT allow any mass breeding of any kind on our servers, this is a serious offense and all of your dinos and tribe will be wiped. You should only ever be breeding a max of 10 dinos at a time, and always check to make sure your dinos are not left on wandering before you disconnect from the server. These situations can cause a server to crash repeatedly.

tribe of human or human names

Tribes named Tribe of Human or Characters named Human are not allowed on our cluster. If an admin comes across someone with this name, they will warn the player to change it, or change it for them. If the player does not comply, they could face a full tribe wipe from the server. All tribes must be identified by a unique name. Register your tribe on our website.


Keep track of your dinos, the biggest problem we have with lag is the amount of dinos that people just leave abandoned. If we find abandoned dinos, an ADMIN WILL KILL IT ON SIGHT or repossess it to be sold at the Tree Top Shop. This means don't leave dinos on Obs, CCs, Players Bases, and etc. Use the tracking nodes to track your dinos.

public teleporters

We do not allow tribes to leave their teleporters on public transport all the time. This makes it near impossible for people to easily teleport to necessary areas of the map. Make sure you turn your teleporter off public when you are done with it or logging offline. If we find a public teleporter on while you are offline it will be deleted along with the generator that is powering it.

building near other players

Let's face it, there is nothing worse than not being able to build inside of your own base because someone started building right next to you. You must check the area you plan on building at and make sure to leave enough room not to interrupt your neighbors build. If a complaint is lodged against this rule, an admin may deem your base needs to be moved fully or partly.

blocking high-trAFFIC AREAS

It is not always easy to get around the map, blocking a high traffic area is not allowed as people may need to move their dinos, or reach a specific resource rich area. If you are uncertain if you are blocking a high traffic area, just ask an admin on discord or open a ticket on our website. It's easier to find out first, then risk deletion later.

killing or trapping players

This is an extremely serious rule, we keep logs of everything that happens on all of our servers. If we find that you are killing other players, or trapping other players in structures etc, we will hunt you you down, wipe your tirbe, and ban you from the entire cluster on the first offense. This is a PVE cluster. If you want to PVP, join one of our PVP servers that we have provided.

picking up players with fliers

Picking up other players with a flier is not tolerated on our PVE servers. If you get picked up by another player, record a quick video, or screen shot of proof, try to spyglass the player or tribe name. Provide this information in a ticket on our website, and we will be more than happy to provide the most harsh punishment to the tribe or player in question.


We do not allow players to put random signs around the map advertising that they have a shop or anything else. This blocks areas that people can build in, and will not be tolerated. If we find signs like these, we will first give your tribe a warning. If after we give you a warning, we continue to find random signs around the map, your entire tribe will be wiped.

stealing & invading bases

We absolutely do not tolerate stealing eggs, invading other players private quarters, or anything of the sort. Remember, everything on our servers are logged and Serin, the co-founder is amazing at finding whatever he needs in thousands of lines of logs. We will find you, and you will be banned from our servers.


We allow players to have a max of fifty (50) dinos on display at their base. All other dinos should be cryo'd to keep the lag down on our public servers. This rule will be strictly enforced, there is no reason to have hundreds of dinos on display where people will lag out and crash as soon as they come near or fly over your base.

base sizes & render views

Your base should be able to fully render into view without a problem. If you base is too large to fully render into view, then it is too big and the size of your base must be reduced. Our render view has been boosted, so this really isn't asking much to help keep our servers lag free from excessive structures that cause extreme lag. To test: Stand at each edge of your base and look to the side directly across from you. Your structures should completely render in. Repeat this from the top of your base while looking down.


Remember, our community is a family friendly one. We have parents who play this game with their children in our cluster. You must keep all in-game chat respectful, drama-free, and clean. Failure to do so may result in you getting wiped and or banned from the server. Everyone wants to enjoy their game without nonsense and harassment.

admins are woodlands law

Do not argue with an admin. As the cluster owner writing all of these rules that you are reading right now, I will stand behind and back any of my admins on any decisions they may make (unless actually considered admin abuse). Our admins are friendly and helpful, and just want you to enjoy the game and community we have spent over a year building.


We DO NOT get involved with tribe disputes. When you join a tribe or invite someone, you do it at your own discretion. Be mindful who you trust

Pillar / foundation spam

While we understand everyone wants to claim their favorite spot (or at least the spot they ended up with), DO NOT cover the area in pillars/foundations/any other structure. This will not only help keep the map clean and less laggy, it will keep the maps from looking like official servers.


We absolutely DO NOT allow any mass breeding of any kind on our servers, this is a serious offense and all of your dinos and tribe will be wiped. You should only ever be breeding a max of 10 dinos at a time, and always check to make sure your dinos are not left on wandering before you disconnect from the server.

Offline breeding

Offline breeding can cause serious issues, resulting in severe lag and can even crash the server. As such, it carries strict penalties. Please make sure you pod your breeders or at least turn off mating when leaving the server.

base limits

ONE (1) Main land base and ONE (1) Main water pen base is allowed on each server per tribe. Meaning your tribe can have TWO (2) Structures per server in our cluster. Your base should render in one view. No glitched floating structures are allowed. If you build a trap structure, you must demolish it when completed. If you do not demolish it, your entire tribe structures could result in being wiped for not following the rules.

orb / bot games redemptions

To keep the ticket system from getting overloaded and to allow admins to stay on top of daily tasks, we will be limiting the redemption of bot games purchases or orbs to a MAX OF 50 REDEMPTIONS PER WEEK. You may use a total of 50 orbs or saddles or bot games purchases a week, thats 50 together in any combination.

* Our administrators reserve the right to jail, kick, ban, or wipe any tribe or player found not following our cluster rules without warning or notice. Although we do our best to notify and warn offenders before hand, harsh offenses are dealt with swiftly.

* We understand that some of these rules may seem pretty strict, however we have been running since 2018 and only have had to wipe 3 of 108 servers in that time. We take pride on making sure your hard work is always available to use and try to make it so that you suffer as little ARK losses as possible compared to most clusters you will find.

Consequences of Breaking Rules

Our administrators reserve the right to choose any type of action for breaking a rule that they feel are necessary, without warning. We try to give warnings to players who are breaking the rules before taking action, however it is not always easy to get ahold of players who are breaking rules. Also, we will give no notice when taking action for anything that is breaking a rule which causes servers to crash or lag or interrupt gameplay for others.


Questions For Our Founders?

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