Unofficial xbox & pc crossover pve cluster - est. january 2018
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the story of woodlands ark and the community behind it

In The Beginning, There Were Two

One day, KC saw his buddy Serin constantly playing ARK on a non-stop basis and he became intrigued in why the game was so popular to him. After being friends for over 20 years, he decided to pick up a copy for himself. While first playing in Single Player, KC could not stay alive throughout such harsh terrain where everything wanted to kill you in a heartbeat.

The next day, after talking with Serin, he recommended KC purchase a dedicated Unofficial PC Server. Thus allowing changes to the configuration to make it boosted and enjoyable without the constant threat of dying every time you stumbled out of your thatch beach bob structure. Serin assisted in setting up the initial boost settings on the server, which made the game much more enjoyable. Beginning with a 10 Slot Ragnarok server, it quickly became full of players who enjoyed the boosted settings, and soon after the server became full. With no other option but to add another server to the cluster, it continued on like this for months until finally we reached over 28 servers, 550+ Facebook Group Members, 750+ Discord Users, and 250+ players online at peak times.

Partnering up together, we decided to create the most enjoyable, friendly, boosted Unofficial PC Ark Cluster around on Xbox & PC Crossover. Established in January 2018, we have vowed to never let our community down by shutting down our servers for any reason.

Owners Who Care

KC and Serin care about our website Home Cluster of Survivors who have for over a year decided to stay loyal and continue playing on Woodlands ARK. We value all of our players and will keep this community running.

Award-Winning Support

Unlike some clusters out there with their "Admin Abuse" and owners who shut down their clusters without notice, we pride ourselves in provided award-winning support to all of our home cluster survivors!

Administrators Who Care

Our administrators care about our player base and do everything in their power to help those in need while also enforcing our cluster wide rules. These rules help to ensure a healthy cluster free of server wipes.

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WoodlandsARK Discord Community

Check out our 1400+ Discord Users and interact with out community directly from our website. Click on the Discord image below to be invited to our Discord Community and talk to our players to find out we are the #1 ARK Cluster Online.

Questions For Our Founders?

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Use the form below to directly email the owners of the cluster to ask any questions you may have about Woodlands ARK in general. We try to answer all emails within 24-48 hours.

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