Unofficial xbox & pc crossover pve cluster - est. january 2018
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admin & community shop server with bush berry currency

Tree Top Shop & Community Market

Our Tree Top Shop server is the perfect place to spend all that BBS you have been collecting from around the maps and from donations. Purchase dinos, artifacts, element, structures, and more from our Admin run shop. Also visit other shops on the server provided by community members from around the cluster.

Admin Run Shop

The actual Tree Top Shop is run by Admins and Shop Assistants who are community members who volunteer to help run the Admin shop. This shop allows you to buy virtually anything in the cluster. Stop by the shop today to browse an extensive inventory.

Start a Specialty Shop

Would you like to start your own specialty shop on the Tree Top Server and become part of the community marketplace? We recommend anyone wanting to open a shop do so on this server, and not on public servers as the shop server is meant for shops only.

Community Marketplace

We have a community marketplace on our Tree Top Shop server where community members can open their own shops on our shop server to specialize in selling certain dinos or items to other players in the community, adding value to the cluster.

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Tree Top Shop Pricing Info

Here at The Woodlands ARK, we have a cluster currency. The currency is Bush Berry Seeds, or BBS. BBS is a development item that can only be spawned by admins or inserted into drops and loot. Although we do allow players to donate for BBS, we also have it setup so any player can earn BBS to use in the shop. Currently we have multiple ways to earn BBS such as: Hard Bosses, Artifact Containers, Cave Boss & Artifact Cave Loot Crates, Trading with Other Community Members and as Rewards for Winning Community Events.

Tree Top Shop DOES NOT Sell Spawned Dinos!

— You May Choose from any Dino displayed at Tree Top Shop
— Admins will never spawn a Dino for a player, unless player has donated

Online Ordering - Support Through Discord

— Order online using our Shop Order form
— Get shop support on Discord


* Shop prices are subject to change at any time. Please check this page for updated information often.

Community Patreon Marketplace

We have decided to allow players to open up specialized shops on the Patreon Market server to allow for a community marketplace which will allow everyone an opportunity to be a specialized store owner on a server for shopping. Below is a list of benefits of becoming a Marketplace Shop Owner.

1. A Shop on Our Tree Top Shop Server
2. Being Part of the Community Market
3. Building a Community Reputation
4. Make BBS to Stash For Rainy Days
5. Provide Value to The Community
6. Do Something Exciting and Helpful

Questions For Our Founders?

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