Unofficial xbox & pc crossover pve cluster - est. january 2018
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we are a 100% community-funded unofficial ark cluster

Donations Keep Our Cluster Online

Our community is 100% funded by the players. We offer in-game rewards for donating, such as dino spawns and gear drops. All of your donations funds are used to extend server times, add additional slots to servers if needed, pay for web hosting services, add additional servers if needed, and occasionally to by the owner a coffee and a pack of cigarettes, or the admin team gear they need to do their jobs. We prefer PayPal contributions (no worries, you don't need a PayPal account to donate) however we also offer a variety of ways to donate including Xbox Gift Cards, and Nitrado Boost Codes that put extended time directly on a server. Visit the server page, and look up your favorite server to find the boost code.

Accepting PayPal Donations

While our preferred method of receiving donations is through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account in order to contribute. We also accept Xbox Gift Cards, and Nitrado Server Boosts.

Donation Reward System

We offer a variety of donation rewards for our community. Have a special request? We may be able to accomodate. Without your contributions, we would be unable to keep this cluster online.

100% Community Funded

We have been running since January 2018. Our community has always pulled through to keep the cluster online. That is what makes this community so fantastic, everyone is helpful and generous to others.

Public Cluster Statistics

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Donating With an Xbox Gift Card

You can donate with an Xbox Gift Card if you prefer, as Nitrado our ARK Server Hosting company only allows us to pay for the servers through the Microsoft Store. All gift cards MUST be in USD, and they must match the amount of the rewards that we offer. To contribute with a gift card, send the code in a private message to "WOODLANDSARK" on Xbox Live.
Once your code has been confirmed, you can open a ticket for your reward drop.

Questions About Donation Rewards?

click here to visit our online ticket system

Use the form below to directly email the owners of the cluster to ask any questions you may have about donation rewards and how it helps keep our cluster alive. We try to answer all emails within 24-48 hours.

gamertag: woodlandsark
skype: woodlandsark
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