Unofficial xbox & pc crossover pve cluster - est. january 2018
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the full roster of our friendly administrative team

Providing Excellent Admin Support

Our VIP Cluster is a one of a kind community of 18+ mature and friendly players. All of our VIP servers are password protected to ensure a troll-free environment away from the public servers allowing for a more smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Click on any of the Administrators names to see their Bio Page.

Administrative Roles & Duties

Woodlands Owner & Co-Founder

Created and Founded by KC, Serin assisted in Co-Founding Woodlands ARK cluster with his initial expertise in setting up the very first Woodlands ARK 10 slot server with me.

Woodlands ARK Owner


KC spends his free time thinking and implementing ways to make Woodlands ARK the best damn home cluster you can find.

Always Bring A Climbing Pick!
Woodlands ARK Co-Founder


Serin is an avid Destiny player with a special place in his heart for ARK. His expertise in being johnny on the spot to handle tough situations makes him the perfect Co-Founder.

Screenshot or it didn't happen.

Top Level Admin Team

Our Top Level Administration Team is the go-to Decision makers for the entire cluster. They are the top of the Woodlands ARK food chain. They have access to every server in the cluster, and hop around where they are needed. Being apart of the Top Level Admin Team, it's not a job, we don't do this to get paid. We are a family. Most of the Top Level Admins have been here since near the beginning, and we hope they stay with us to the end.

Top Level Administrator


Wheelmeat is our resident TTS & Event Manager.

TTS & Event Manager
Top Level Administrator


Jason- Personal Obelisk builder and in charge of website & discord support.

Personal OB Builder/ Website & Discord support
Top Level Administrator


GodSpeed is our resident Patreon Manager.

Patreon Manager
Top Level Administrator


Phoenyx is our resident Ticket Fulfillment Manager.

Ticket Fulfillment
Top Level Administrator

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is our resident Base builder.

Base Builder
Top Level Administrator


Hammer is our resident Training Manager.

Training Manager

VIP Cluster Admin Team

Our VIP Administration team is very important to not only our VIP members, but also to the entire cluster. They are in charge of all of the VIP servers that we currently offer in a cluster, and that is no easy task! Not to mention, providing priority support to our VIP members at a moments notice. It takes a special kind of admin to make the VIP admin roster.

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Admin Code of Conduct & Ethics

Here at Woodlands ARK, we have a strict code of conduct and ethics that we feel our administrative team should always consider while maintaining the cluster. This is just a few example of things that our administrator must abide by in their position of power.

Code of Conduct

2. NEVER abuse admin commands
3. never tribe wipe without warrant

Admin Ethics

1. always polite and professional
3. always try to be helpful
4. communicate clearly
5. find the best suited solution

What Does it Take to Become an Admin?

Becoming an Admin on the Woodlands ARK Cluster is not an easy task, we take pride in recruiting outstanding members from the community who are adults, mature, well mannered, respectful, and have a good reputation within our cluster. We then train these recruits on how we do things as admins on Woodlands ARK. Once we feel an admin in training is ready for a promotion, they are then given server specific admin access to look over one server to keep it fully within our guidelines of being a good servers. We deplot two-man admin teams per every server in our cluster. We are always on the lookout for great community members who may make a great admin.

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