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What is HyperVIP? Personal Servers?

What is HyperVIP You Ask? HyperVIP is a Personal Server within the WoodlandsARK Cluster of Servers.


Location, Location, Location

Having a private server to roam free on without the dino limits, teleporter or cloning chamber rules, where you and your friends can personally enjoy a server you can call home all to yourselves.

Fully Managed & In-Cluster

We are able to offer a Fully Managed service meaning we will actively support your server and keep its core code for our cluster up-to-date. No one will have admin access to this server, not even the owner en ensure fairness.

Monthly Custom Drop

Each of our HyperVIP Personal Servers come with one customized colored drop of your choice, with items of your choosing within reason. We also drop off a monthly resupply crate directly to your front porch.

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Personal Server Benefits & Rules

Why should you purchase a Personal HyperVIP Server on WoodlandsARK? Below we have listed out some of the benefits to having a Personal Server within the WoodlandsARK cluster.

  • * Freedom to Roam - You Own Your Land
    One of the greatest benefits of a HyperVIP Personal Server is the freedom of having the entire map to yourself. Build as many structures as you want, leave teleporters on public, invite your friends to play on your server (be careful who you trust, invite others at your own risk).
  • * Admin Level Owl & Griffin (Spayed/Neutered) NO CLONES
    We provide you with two admin level tames, one owl and one griffin which are Spayed and Neutered, and CANNOT be cloned. These are for the server owner only.
  • * VIP Level Everything - You Choose The Event Colors
    Your Personal Comes coded just like one of our VIP servers with the same 420 Max Level Wild Tames, and Custom Drops. We even allow you to choose specific items within reason to be added to one colored drop of your choice.
    Sorry, we absolutely do not provide admin access to anyone who owns a HyperVIP Personal Server, this is because the server is in our cluster and it would not be fair to everyone in the community. Thanks for your understanding.
  • * Your Own Discord Channel On Woodlands Discord
    A private Discord Channel for you, the players you allow on your Personal Server, and the Top Level Admin team for direct access to priority top level support.
  • * Included: Lifetime SuperVIP Member Access
    Your HyperVIP Personal Server includes (1) LIFETIME SUPERVIP slot. If you already have SuperVIP you can gift this slot to another member of the community.
  • * NEW ADDITION: Need more slots on your HyperVIP?
    Currently we are offering an upgrade to 20 slots on your HyperVIP for a one-time fee of $. To order, you can add more slots using this PayPal Purchase Link. NO REFUNDS.
  • * Unleash Your Wild Side - No Rules
    I'm not sure about you, but I die inside everytime my teleporter gets shot by GodSpeed. That being said, there are no rule checks on your private server, you are free to do as you please within reason not to crash the server continuously. You should maintain your own land!
  • *Luxury Pickup Room- Comes Fully Stocked
    Our Hypervip Staff will build a luxury pickup room at one of the obelisks for you stocked with everything you need for boss fights.
  • * Make It Your Home - Or Rotate The Map
    Choose to make your HyperVIP Personal Server your home base where you keep all of your Woodlands gains safe, or choose to use it as your own personal hunting server, and request a new map as simple as opening a new ticket.
  • * Monthly Resupply Care Package
    We build a small resupply room on your server, and each month a TLA will resupply it with stock and a few special tames to be a random surprise each month. We will announce in Discord when every HyperVIP room has been restocked.
  • * Always Updated to Cluster Specifications
    Your Managed Personal Server includes staying updated with the same cluster specifications used and updated often throughout WoodlandsARK.
  • * Starter Care Package - Hyper Drive!
    Your starter care package includes 500K Element, 500K BBS, 10 Dino Spawn Orbs, and a Colored Drop Party to land at your feet upon initial entry into Hyper Drive.
  • * MEGA Structure Pack!
    Each HyperVIP server comes with 1000 stack of every structure in the game for you to begin building your special home.

1st Hyper Setup: $29 $110 & Maintenance: $75/mo Single

purchase hypervip server, and subscribe to maintenance fee via paypal

Already own a Hyper server and thinking about getting another one? We have setup a special pack for those who wish to add a second Hyper. The Secondary Installation is Discounted to $100!

2nd Hyper Setup: $29 $100 & Maintenance: $125/mo Together

purchase hypervip server, and subscribe to maintenance fee via paypal

Want to have an entire Hyper Cluster of your own with every map? Now you can! We offer a special discounted rate for individuals or teams that want a cluster of Hyper Servers of their own. We can even custom code these servers for you to suit your needs.

10 Map Hyper Cluster Setup: $29 $800 & Maintenance: $350/mo Total

purchase hypervip server, and subscribe to maintenance fee via paypalCLICK THIS BUTTON TO CANCEL YOUR HYPER OR VIP SUBSCRIPTION.

Questions About Personal Servers?

Need Help? click here to visit our online ticket system

Use the form below to directly email the owners of the cluster to ask any questions you may have about Woodlands ARK HyperVIP Personal Servers. We try to answer all emails within 24-48 hours.

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