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VIP The Island
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VIP The Island

Nope, those aren't your glasses, that is the glorious fog of Island you're seeing! Wonderful innit it?

The best thing about Island fog is: it's so thick and obnoxious, you can't see the beautifully, Easter colored dinosaurs of VIP. Why is it always Easter on the VIP servers? No clue, but we all seem to like it! Besides, who doesn't love a giant, egg dropping rabbit hopping around? Plus those bunny ears are to die for.

Mostly VIP Island is exactly like public Island, only better: 18+ community, priority Admin support, less lag (though Island is not laggy to begin with, so not really something to highlight), and all the joys of Easter colors without the hassel of Easter clothes (no really, naked, literally no clothes)!

Bring your best leave-in conditioners to combat the humidity and make your way to Island for a blindingly unique experience.

VIP Woodlands ARK - The Island

Fog? Raptors Can See You, But You Can't See Them

I'm sorry, did you need assistance? I couldn't see you through all this fog. What? You're wearing a garter? Oh! You need a starter. Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the rain on VIP Island. That's right, rain and fog. Let's not forget about Raptors, not that you can see them, but trust me, they see you. Want something else that can royally ruin your day? Therizinosaurs...just waiting to cut off your face. Why? You're level 1 and  they don't even eat're just for fun. Because much like the honey badger, Tickle chickens do not give a flying frik about you or your feelings. So back to that starter...wait, come back!

WoodlandsARK VIP The Island Community Center