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VIP The Center
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VIP The Center

So, you heard about public Center and that sounds pretty baller, right? Ding, ding, ding, what do we have for them Johnny? How about the same server, on VIP! You still have all the rain, you still have the 98% water map, you still have the erupting volcano, but now...NOW you also have Easter colored dinosaurs! Yay!!! Along with our 18 +, mature community VIP offers, we also offer priority support to VIP members, a virtually lag free environment, and did I mention Easter colored dinos? Magentas, cyans, reds, blues, and the rest of the wonderful eye bleeding colors! Hurray! Come see what we have to offer on VIP, join today.

VIP Woodlands ARK - The Center

Buck up Buttercup!

Do you have a terrible fear of water? Well so do I! So buck up buttercup and get your boat out to go exploring. Rome wasn't built in a day and we aren't in Greece (I am not good with Geography), so let's go sailing around VIP Center. Don't worry, that Megalodon is not the biggest thing in the water and it definitely is not the scariest. You want a real thrill, let's go get hugged by a rainbow colored Tusoleututhis (the squid, I failed spelling too). Last one in is Nessie bait (spoiler alert, you already are) and no one wants that (I do).

WoodlandsARK VIP The Center Community Center