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VIP Scorched Earth

Come see our box on Scorched Earth. You think a roof is nice? Well that is where you're wrong. What better way to keep you safe than a giant, metal, cube! It has all the amenities you'd ever need to start your own box and it gets rid of all those pesky Jerboas hopping around.

Our Phoenixes and Wyverns are on fleek, of course they are, SE is the real OG. Look, I'm a poet and didn't even know it. You know what else Scorched Earth has? Literally no players because it's too hot to survive and more bland than nursing home food, piles of sand that scrape lovingly against your entire body, and it has NO rain (which is a great thing for all you Center and Island haters).

If you're a boxer and you like making yourself suffer, have a go on Scorched Earth! You'll probabaly regret it, but we have Phoenixes...and lots of sand.

VIP Woodlands ARK - Scorched Earth

Community Center

Welcome to the Scorched Earth VIP Community Center, here you can find a fully stock crafting station, vaults with gear, and much more. Wait out some of the worst storms within the CC and stay safe when the weather gets bad, because as we all know, scorched is one hell of a killer.

WoodlandsARK VIP Scorched Earth Community Center

Remember how we have Scorched Earth? Well you know what's even better? Literally everything and SE VIP! That's right another Scorched Earth map is better than the original. Obviously that is the way to go with the 18+ community, Easter color dinos (yes Easter, all year round), lag free environment, more building room (because it was getting full with all the players), and priority Admin support. What could possibly trump piles of sand on public Scorched Earth, more sand on SE VIP! Join now before the server gets too full (likely).