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VIP Ragnarok

Why not join VIP Rag? We have a large variety of amazingly coloured wild dinos for you to tame that can also have levels exceededing 600+. VIP Rag also less lag, bigger base building; plus, other VIP members are not allowed to demolish bases. So if you want that sense of security, there's another great reason to join us here.

There are also more sights to see than on your typical Rag server. Head down to the hills of the Highland region and watch as the wild pink, red, green, and yellow equus roam through the fields; or should you try your luck; something much bigger and deadly might be something you fancy. Perhaps, a uniquely coloured wild Giganotosaurus; but be careful these dinos still pack a punch.

VIP Woodlands ARK - Ragnarok

Join Our VIP Cluster Today!

For every public map, there is always going to be a virtually lag-free, easter-riddled, mature player-based VIP version. Ragnarok is no exception. Here on VIP Rag, you can do absolutely everything you did on Rag CC and 2, but this time your face is getting mauled by a 420 wild raptor instead of a 300! Isn't that just wonderful?

The VIP central hub community centre is located at the meadows of green obelisk but instead of a work station, we have vaults, stocked with everything you need to run the boss as many times as you need. And you know what? It's all free! As a thank you for becoming a premium member, you get to farm all the element and BBS that your heart can take and it's all on us. Now tell me that isn't a good deal.

WoodlandsARK VIP Ragnarok Community Center

So, we have saved the best for last. Nothing bad to say about this map (unless you count being more crowded than a ship coming to America from Ireland when potatoes went extinct). You have all the biomes, winter, summer, and desert, so you can choose where you'd like to make your permanent home. Just be wary of your neighbor with his useless spiked walls on PVE servers (seriously, stop you're only hurting yourself). For these reasons, VIP Rag should be your next vacation. As the other VIP maps, you have the 18+ mature community, Easter color dinosaurs, priority Admin support, and a legit lag free experience (Rag is forever the insubordinate red-headed stepchild).

With priority admin support, next to no lag and a wonderful 18+ community, VIP Ragnarok is the place to be. Follow the links on the home page today to find out how you can become a VIP as well!