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VIP Extinction
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VIP Extinction

On VIP Extinction, we live by one motto: "If the Gacha can't eat it, you shouldn't either." Seriously, those things eat everything (maybe it isn't the best motto, but it works for us). We have the same, glitchy Managarm you've come to love, the ever depressed, homophonic Gacha, the bulimic Gasbags, and the oh so loyal corrupted dinosaurs, but now..they are in Easter! We have a very small community (one) of 18+ survivors, priority Admin support, and Easter colored dinos! You are Extinct, good bye!

Just kidding, but really, join...we're lonely and running out of sheep.

VIP Woodlands ARK - Extinction

Omnis pariatur enim commodi pariatur.

So, we have saved the best for last. Nothing bad to say about this map (unless you count being more crowded than a ship coming to America from Ireland when potatoes went extinct). You have all the biomes, winter, summer, and desert, so you can choose where you'd like to make your permanent home. Just be wary of your neighbor with his useless spiked walls on PVE servers (seriously, stop you're only hurting yourself). For these reasons, VIP Rag should be your next vacation. As the other VIP maps, you have the 18+ mature community, Easter color dinosaurs, priority Admin support, and a legit lag free experience (Rag is forever the insubordinate red-headed stepchild).

WoodlandsARK VIP Extinction Community Center