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VIP Aberration
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VIP Aberration

You're probably catching on by now, but just in case: VIP Aberration exists just for you! You can get your daily dose of radiation with other adults just like you. Know what else? That's right, you guessed it, just like every other VIP server, VIP Ab has EASTER COLORED DINOSAURS! As if Reapers didn't stand out enough, now they can be lime green.

Even the glow bugs are Easter colored (which is completely useless since they are untamable). Now when you come across those special red mushrooms, you won't ever be completely sure when you're in the clear. Enjoy our 18+, priority Admin support, lag free, and bright colored dinos on our VIP server!

VIP Woodlands ARK - Aberration

Come Stay a While, You Might Grow an Extra Appendage

Here on VIP Aberration we have the finer things in life: constant radiation, killer dogs, fish that will eat you, and the occasional reaper queen you can get pregnant by. Come get thrown by a crab and  join the fun, grow a third appendage and stay awhile. The dinos like it why can't you.

WoodlandsARK VIP Aberration Community Center