Tree Top Shop

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Community Center
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Tree Top Shop
32 Slots
Near Green Obelisk

Tree Top Shop

The Tree Top shop server is the place to go to spend all that BBS you have been collecting around the cluster! Purchase items for our admin run shop, or visit some of the community run marketplace shops on the server. Whatever you desire, I'm sure you can find it on the Tree Top Shop.

The admin shop itself is located in the flat lands near Green Obelisk.

Woodlands ARK - Tree Top Shop Map

Community Marketplace

The community marketplace is an area of shops run by community members from all across the cluster. They have shops specializing in certain types of dinos, items, ammo, weapons, and more. Visit the community marketplace and browse around. If you are interested in opening a shop in the community marketplace, please contact us on Discord or through opening a ticket.

Rent for having a shop on the Tree Top Shop server costs 2,500 BBS per week. Rent is paid to the Shop Admin on that server. If your rent is not paid, your shop, dinos and items will be repossessed.

Tree Top Shop Rules

  • No building is allowed on this server. This server is for shops only, and you must request from an admin to open a shop on this server.
  • You may hunt dinos on this server, as the Easter event is active for colorful dinos. You must remove your tamed dino from the server.
Tree Top Shop
Tree Top Shop