The Island

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The Island
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The Island

The Island is the heart and soul of the Woodlands. This is where every veteran player comes to roost or relive their glory days before all these extraordinary maps were released. Many people come from far and wide to see where everything began, not only the Woodlands, but the entire game, itself. In a community where new members join everyday, it is always good to relax on a server with experienced players. Also, home to the mighty OVERSEER boss that will grant you an extra 15 levels upon victory, so you better get those Rexes ready for a fight of the ages!

Legend has it, if you stand in the lava of the volcano, you will die! The Island Community Center is located right outside the red obelisk with a bridge leading directly to it for quick access to boss fights and a way out to our other amazing maps. the CC is stocked with all your crafting and breeding needs -- from a full workshop, to a separate hatching and raising station perfect for  raising those boss-ready Rexes.

Woodlands ARK - The Island

The Empire of The Island

Behind every great empire, there is always a hut that represents where that empire has come from. The Island is that hut, and Ark is that empire. With an ever growing player base, it is always nice come back to the familiar sight of the beaches of the West Zone 3 spawn. I mean, who doesn't love the beautiful fog it's always good to know that, not only is the darkness blinding -- but in the day time, so is the fog. And don't get me started on the rain!

With a great team of admin combined with a knowledgeable and friendly player base, the Island is a great place to settle down and live out the rest of your ark days as either a shop keeper or food for the raptor next door.

Public Island Community Center