Scorched Earth

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Scorched Earth
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Scorched Earth

This hot and sweltering vast wasteland is barren with barely any water sources. Complete with a massive Wyvern Scar, this map is a killer. Make sure to bring the right tools with you to survive, otherwise you may not make it out alive. The sandstorms alone will blind you as your try to make your way back to a safe place.

Looking for a Phoenix to tame? They can only be found during heat waves, and high up in the air around the mountains, best of luck to you as they are a difficult tame. Don't forget to collect some sulfur, as if you cannot feed them they will die!

Woodlands ARK - Scorched Earth

One Hell of a Hostile Environment

Being an entirely desert wasteland of a map, water sources can be very challenging to find. You could try using other sources such as cactuses, water wells, jugbugs, or morellatops. Heat stroke is a side effect of too much heat exposure on his harsh map. This naturally harsh environment also damages some structures such as generators and certain structures.

With three unique weather patterns, sandstorms, heatwaves, and electrical storms... It can be very difficult if you get caught out in the middle of a severe weather storm. Electrical storms can even temporarily shut down some electrical devices and prevent some firearms from firing. To help with sandstorms, always carry a pair of Desert Goggles to help see through the storm and find your way home.

Scorched Community Center

Three Artifacts Found on Scorched Earth

  • Artifact of the Crag
  • Artifact of the Destroyer
  • Artifact of the Gatekeeper