Ragnarok CC

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Community Center
trophy hunting
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Ragnarok CC
50 Slots
Coords 19, 48
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Ragnarok CC is our Main Starter Server

The majority of new players begin on this server, receive their starter dino, and venture off into the wild to try to survive the harsh environment that the Ragnarok map has to offer. Harvest resources to build your first structure and survive through the night against hungry carnivores which will continually try to eat you for breakfast. Craft weapons, to kill or tame these wild creatures that survive in the Ark.

Woodlands ARK - Ragnarok

Ragnarok CC Community Center

Our Ragnarok CC Community Center is located near the Green Obelisk in the flatlands. Here we provide starter gear, unlocked forges, replicators, and more for players to use to get started. It's also a great place for players to meet up and make trades. We also sometimes have Red Drop parties at our community centers.

Rag CC Community Center

Rag CC is Our Most Popular Server

  • Plenty of helpful players willing to help new players.
  • Well established 50 slot server, usually pretty close to full during peak hours.
  • Fully functional and stocked Community Center, complete with starter Dinos!
  • Extremely helpful administrators, available to assist with most major needs.