Ragnarok 2

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Ragnarok 2
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Ragnarok 2

Ragnarok 2 is another one of our most popular servers. While it is extremely populated during peak hours, it does have some very helpful community members who have been with us for month and enjoy helping new players. We also have a great team of admins running this server. Got a troll hassling you? We got you covered. Egg stolen? Pfft, they can't fool us we log everything. Just make sure to never join a tribe or invite someone to your tribe that you do not personally know and trust fully. You'd surely not want to end up with a knife in your back, but hell, if you do it's your own fault.

Woodlands ARK - Ragnarok

The Most Confusing Community Center Ever

Love getting lost in a maze? Come check out the community center on Ragnarok 2, while it does have everything you would ever need, it also will have you lost in an instant! Oh, is that the crafting room? Or the jail cells? Hell, where am I? Maybe this door, nope, not that one. WHERE IS THE EXIT?! Phew, made it out.

Some Things to Remember

  • Do not build near Ice Wyvern spawn areas, or you will be wiped without notice.
  • Trolling is never good, and our admins are on the lookout to immediately ban trolls.
  • Don't be a beach bob, you're an easy target. And we'll laugh at the fact, this is PVE.
  • Don't forget to mind your manner, this is a family friendly community!