PVP - Raid Loot Warfare

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PVP - Raid Loot Warfare
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PVP Raid Loot Warfare

This server is setup for admins to setup specialized LOOT RAID BASES for which all players can fight to the death to try to raid for the specialized loot hidden inside, be careful though, someone might be hiding in the bushes waiting for the right moment to take you out just as soon as you are about to grab the loot. This is the only PVP server where you will be able to transfer your rewards back out to the main cluster.

Woodlands ARK - Ragnarok

Think You Have What It Takes?

Not for the faint of heart, these raid bases are difficult (you may need to bring a change of pants once you defecate yourself from fear). You better bring a lot of bullet soakers, extra flak, C4, rockets, and keep the eyes in the back of your head for that player who thinks they are going to take you out first!

Think you have the toughest dino to take on this task? Think again, your best fighter will run tail tucked between its ass cheeks while its getting shot to hell.

PVP Raid Loot Warfare

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