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Extinction - Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Extinction! Where the underground is a dark, dank vegetational wonder and the surface is a bipolar wasteland, but you'll find no thunderdomes or cannibals around here (that we know of). Come see how you fair in this one of a kind map that doesn't quite know what it wants to be.

Not only is Extinction great at sucking the hopes and dreams from innocent bystanders, but it is also filled with wonderful creatures. From your sloth like Gachas to your whacked out Managarms, Extinction has got you covered! Need to be somewhere in a hurry? Hop on a Mana and zip across the entire world, just don't fly too close to the sun. I mean you, Icarus. If you think that's great, Velonosaurs can lag and kill anything within seconds with its deadly, laggy spikey face spindles. Run with (probably from) the corrupted Gigas while corrupted fire wyverns are nice enough to warm your back with their flames. Or take a hot air balloon ride on a Gasbag to unknown corrupted lands!

Woodlands ARK - Extinction

A Map With Multiple Biomes

Enjoy a sweltering time by Red OB in the desert, bundle up in the frigidness of Blue OB, and if that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can live with the trolls of the sunken forest. Like Hotel California, you can check out any time you like, but you may never leave. Unless you find a terminal...or an unlocked Transmitter.

Extinction Community Center

Extinction is a Map of DEATH

  • Everything in this map will kill you.
  • Fear the corrupted dinos, they will destroy your tek structures.
  • Orbital Supply Drops are full of epic loot, but very difficult to obtain.
  • Taming titans is now allowed! Use them to fight the main boss.