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Aberration - A Radioactive Wasteland

Those of you Fallout players will feel right at home in Aberration, though we have made some minor adjustments. Instead of mutants we have Reapers (pretty much an exact replica of the alien movies, the  spawn even burst from your chest), the tortured Brahmin are replaced with Ravagers (basically the dog version of those weirdly adorable hairless cats), the overly cuddly Ghouls have given way to the Nameless (which are equally as disturbing and friendly), and man's best friend, Dogmeat has become the Shinehorns, Featherlights, Bulbdogs, and Glowtails (4 for the price of 1 is a pretty good deal). Unfortunately Naked mole rats are still a thing and radiation is much more effective, a small sacrifice for a great reward. More or less Fallout, just completely different!

Woodlands ARK - Aberration Map

Things to Remember When Exploring Aberration

When you're not out getting impregnated by Reapers, perhaps you would take a dip in our elemental liquid, just be sure to pay attention to those Rads, kids. If that isn't your style, head up to the surface and try your hand at not being roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey by that hot, hot sun. Better still, head down to the bioluminescent region, which is far too exotic for words to do it justice.

Did I mention the psychedelic mushrooms? Suggested to try once, just don't get too attached. While they are fun, they will rob you of your soul. Remember, everything in moderation, folks.

Aberration Community Center

Prepare for Earthquakes

Still not convinced to come take a look? There is an earthquake every 10 minutes which makes doing anything virtually impossible! Want that base building to take 6 hours? No problem. Don't want to be able stand in place to craft? No problem. Feel like not being able to have good aim? No problem! The unsteady ground of Ab will definitely make all of your wishes come true. So don't delay, come join the server today! Aberration, a great place to start a family.