Non-VIP Secured Rag

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Non-VIP Secured Rag
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Non-VIP Secured Rag

This server has been setup for our valuable mature rule-following players who are unable to purchase a VIP subscription, but would like the privacy and security of playing or keeping a main base on a private server within the cluster. This server is great for those community members who have a good reputation in the cluster. To gain access to this server, simply open a ticket requesting access.

Woodlands ARK - Non-VIP Secured Ragnarok

Why Do We Have a Non-VIP Secured Server?

While having a cluster of VIP servers that are subscription based and only available to players over the age of 18, we believed that we should have a secured server for those members who are underage but have proven they are good members of the community. With that idea in mind, the Non-VIP Secured Rag idea was founded, and server added to the cluster.

Non-VIP Secured Ragnarok

Benefits of Non-VIP Secured Rag Access

  • Private server for community members with a good standing reputation.
  • Players of all ages are accepted, as long as they are known to follow cluster rules.
  • Plenty of places to build, with minimal lag.
  • Easter Event is on for Colored Dinos!