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Community Events
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Community Events

Our community events server is specifically for our players to participate in events to win prizes such as drops, BBS, dinos, and more. We run events such as Skydiving, Soccer, Racing, Last Man Standing and more. Always check our #community-events channel in our Discord in order to stay up to date on upcoming events and prizes.

Woodlands ARK - The Island

Participate & Prepare to Fight

Remember, other community members are fighting to win the event too, so keep your guard up and watch your back. We have a vast amount of events planned over the next few months, so be prepared! Get your gear ready, fabricate your weapons, and stick that knife in your competitors back!

Some Rewards Offered

  • Donor Drops without having to Donate!
  • Specialized Dinos, not available to other players.
  • BBS currency, to be used around the cluster.
  • An invisible trophy, that you can be proud of!
Community Events