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Builders Paradise

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Builders Paradise
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Builders Paradise

This server was added to the cluster for those who would like to build without having to deal with the normal build rules we have in place for the rest of the cluster. We do however ask that you build ONE base as big as you want. Make a video of it, send it to us so we can add it to youtube. If you want to start another build, you must tear down your current build before you begin on a second.

Builders Paradise - Ragnarok

A Great Place to Youtube Your Builds

Are you a youtuber looking for a place with expansive structure limits, where you can build something massive and show it off to your subscribers? This is the perfect place for you to test your true ARK structure creativity. We've had some great builds all across our cluster, but this server is for those who truly want to test their skills.

Builders Paradise Builds

Rules for Builders Paradise

  • You may only build one structure at a time. Once completed, if you wish to build another you must demolish the current build.
  • There are no rules to how large you build, all we ask is you give other players enough space to build as well.
  • Do not encroach on other players builds, blocking them from being able to build their structures.